Short term trading – A perilous path

people walking on white snowWhy the newbies tend to gravitate toward short term trading

When I began to take an interest in trading, what excited me about it was endless options of what there is to trade and the ways in which it can be done. Originally, I thought that the only thing which could be traded was stocks and that it would require large amounts of money to trade and that one would have to have ownership of the stock to do so.  Then I began learning about CFDs and the power of leverage and how it would allow one with only a small amount of capital to buy and sell all sorts of exotic instruments without even actually owning it. The financial markets are a lot like a casino; large sums of money can be made very quickly for those willing to take the risk. Continue reading “Short term trading – A perilous path”

Making guaranteed profit from trading everyday… is absurd!

person holding sparkler

Creating the illusion

Just a few days ago I was browsing a popular travel blog hoping to gain any useful pointers for an upcoming overseas vacation that I’m currently planning. Whilst I was looking through the posts, I noticed that one was on the subject of making money while travelling. I was enticed, as I’m sure many visitors who saw the post would have been.  After clicking through to read the suggestions I was surprised to see that the 3 or 4th idea was through online trading.

The author went on to recount how her husband, who was a complete novice to trading was making money from it most days and that some people fund there holidays entirely through trading profits. Continue reading “Making guaranteed profit from trading everyday… is absurd!”