I decided to create this blog to get my own voice out to the world and create useful information for people looking to grow their wealth and invest sensibly. There is a lot of misinformation out there which I have come across through my own experiences and this has cost me somewhat from a financial perspective. Thus, my goal is to enlighten people about the correct way to go about wealth creation through my content and be as unbiased as possible and draw upon factual evidence or studies if possible.

It would have been to towards the latter stages of my university days that I realised that my career may not end up panning out the way that I thought it would. After applying for work experience in my field I was beginning to get a rude awakening that gaining employment as a chemical engineer may prove particularly difficult. This was indeed verified with my failed attempts to gain full-time employment once I graduated. In desperation to breakthrough into the workforce with something somewhat related to what I had studied I took a position as laboratory technician at a food company working long shifts, on a rotating roster also doing weekends. I continued to apply for engineering jobs but it was 2011, and the mining boom in Australia was tapering off. Many chemical engineers had found employment due to this and after the boom wound down there was apparently now a glut who were seeking employment anywhere it could be found. Many ended up in labs like me earning far less than the cost of the degree justified.

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I began looking into other avenues of making an income and eventually began taking an interest in the financial markets. I had never really given much attention to the world of finance until now and it was fascinating how it all worked. Being naive and hearing the rags to riches stories of the trading millionaires who quite their day jobs being told all over the web I started to muck about with forex. I began reading books on strategies, indicators and the great traders and started to believe that within a few years I too could become one of those day-trader millionaires sitting at home watching charts and shapes on a computer monitor and profit off the multi-trillion-dollar forex industry. With so much money floating around and changing hands surely, I could get a cut somehow…

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Needless to say, things didn’t quite work out that way and this wasn’t as profitable as I anticipated. There were many other schemes and ideas for gaining wealth that I got swept up into after this- most of them gambling related. I can’t say all of it was a waste. I did get something out of all of it and I enjoyed learning and the challenge of making money through them. The problem for me though was the misinformation. A lot of the books I read weren’t worth the paper they were written on – it was complete garbage. There were some that spoke the truth but like many others who get into it I lacked the patience, and when it comes to building wealth the age-old saying is certainly true – it is the virtue. It is definitely possible to earn money through the financial markets such as forex and through gambling but there are many leading the unwary and ignorant astray. I’d say a lot of is pushed by the market makers themselves since they stand the most to gain.


Nowadays, I’m armed with the knowledge to build my wealth gradually over time and to help others to the same.

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